Kamau M. Coleman

HI I’m Kamau - the founder of Glaztec Ltd.

A glass solution & installations management service for the commercial office interior fit-out & refurbishment industry.

We work / collaborate & affiliate with interior designers, business owners, commercial office developers, investors, main contractors & also on some interesting occasions residential owners.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience within the office refurbishment industry. Starting from a specialist holster (glass / board carrier). Then Recruited as an apprentice glazier by a successful city start-up glass partitioning company in 2004.

It was from this foundation which highlighted the importance of crafting such  practical (often overlooked) skills as:

> collaborative teamwork,

> innovative solutions that address challenges,

> front line management as opposed to remote.

> Showing appreciation & acknowledging good works.

> Also being fully commented to works undertaken & your word.

These are some of the important practical skills for me that measure one's well-being & impacts team productivity which I try to be mindful of & recognise in others whom I  plan to collaborate with.

Glaztec is a growing & developing service with a long term focus on commercial space development, social & employee well-being.

We work towards building attractive packages providing solutions & addressing the needs of future businesses & co-working spaces with innovation, passion & vision.

Glaztec is here to assist you in achieving your ideal workspace environment.

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