Double Glazed Curved Smart-Glass (ON): PPR Asia Pacific

Smart-Glass Solutions

GLAZTEC Ltd is proud to be an affiliate partner  with a British manufacturing company which offers such a unique range of modern switchable glass ( SMART-GLASS ) & film technologies ( SMART-FILM ) with class-leading quality, flexibility and performance.

Based on the latest polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, switchable smart-glass operates using a simple ON-OFF system: Switching the glass from frosted to clear at the press of a button, acting as a remote controlled solution that assists with privacy, security, energy concerns and style.

Unique To The Market: This solution also offers a proprietary self-adhesive Smart-Film that can be retrofitted to existing windows and partitions, making this technology even more versatile and accessible.

Application Options: 

With a unique range of applications we can provide modern and practical solutions to address your project requirements as well as offering sound insulation and fire rated  options. 

- Toughened Smart-Glass           - Laminated Smart-Glass            - Double Glazed SmartGlass

- Smart-Film Vision Panels         - Coloured Smart-Glass               - Self Adhesive Smart-Film

- Smart Projection Film               - Laminated Smart-Film               - SmartGlass Projection Screens

Manufactured In The UK

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The applications for switchable technology grows each day & the creative uses of this technology is constantly being expanded.


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